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Can someone explain wii points / nintendo points to me?

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fabhead Thu 22-Oct-09 22:33:05

are they different?

recently got a wii, connected to the internet - am aware you can download wiiware games like "World of Goo" etc, would like to, but how?

I know you can buy point cards - but would rather get them for free grin. I have joined club nintendo and registered all the product serial nos got so far to get 2100 points. Are these wii points or nintendo points?

How do I spend these on downloading games? How many points do you need to get a game?

How do I do it - wifi router is broken at the moment so can't mess around and try, waiting for DP to fix it this weekend.

fabhead Fri 23-Oct-09 19:03:13

anyone know? If not can I have all the codes from your games? grin

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