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Watching iPlayer etc through TV

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BertieBotts Wed 21-Oct-09 10:03:55

I watch iPlayer (and occasionally ITV player) quite a lot through DP's PS3. This is especially useful for In The Night Garden on demand without having a DVD, ie the same 6 episodes forever.

Anyway I am going to be moving out soon and I can't justify buying myself a PS3 just to watch iPlayer through - I never play the games - is there anything I can buy which will enable me to get the internet, ie iPlayer/ITV Player (and hopefully 4OD when they update it) through my TV? Or would it be cheaper to get a freeview+ type thing and just set it to pick up things I want to watch later? I would also like a DVD player, so if something built in is cheaper than buying the two separately I'd also be interested in looking at that.

I don't want to attach the laptop to the TV because DS is obsessed with my laptop and tries to break it at every opportunity hmm so have to keep it out of reach.

Milliways Wed 21-Oct-09 19:30:43

Our TV has a USB port, so could download programmes to USB and plug it in to TV.

For the price of a freeview recorder, could you consider a used PS3? They are fab for DVDs as a Blu-ray player. Might be worth looking at prices in Game / Ebay etc?

HeadFairy Wed 21-Oct-09 19:37:09

Virgin media do something called V+ which is like sky + but better because it's got tv on demand, including iPlayer, ItvPlayer, 4OD and loads others... it's brilliant, plus it has a hard drive so you can record anything else you'd like to keep.

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