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RealPlayer screen has gone very small

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laundryismylife Tue 20-Oct-09 21:07:13

I have RealPlayer on my VAIO, my children love watching music videos on it. They were playing with it the other day and now, every time we click on it, a message comes up asking us if we want to continue or cancel and, when we continue, the whole active part of the computer screen shrinks to about 50% of its normal size. When we close RealPlayer, it springs back to normal size again - how can we get RP back to normal?


zebramama Wed 21-Oct-09 10:18:34

Sounds like one of two things...

Either RP is now defaulting to run Full Screen without stretching the image and will show you the video centred with big black borders... Looks for a setting that allows the video to be stretched to full screen, rather than staying at "100%".

Or if that doesn't sound like what you are getting - ie your whole "desktop" is being shrunk rather than just the video - then you have managed to change your display settings somehow. In the PC's display settings there will be a setting called "Scaling" or similar. Choose the option that "stretches" the output when a programme requests a change in resolution rather than running in a "letterbox" style format with black borders.

Hope that helps.


laundryismylife Thu 22-Oct-09 10:40:54

Thanks for your advice. I tried to follow that but ended up sending the computer funny so have uninstalled RealPlayer blush.

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