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MACROS on spreadsheets - HELP!!!!

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looneytune Mon 19-Oct-09 14:27:55


Having a nightmare. A lovely MN friend sent me a copy of her spreadsheet for childminding, so she can keep tabs on who attends and when (she has LOTS of mindees). It looks like a FAB spreadsheet but I have a problem, there is a button you are supposed to press when you've entered the data you need and then it calculates the results for you on another page. Well I can get that bit to work, it says something about Macros not being available or disabled.

My friend can't help as she didn't build it. Any ideas if this might be something I can fix myself?

BadgersPaws Mon 19-Oct-09 14:44:20

I'm pretty sure that that setting is held on a machine and not with the Spreadsheet file.

Macros were not one of Microsoft's better ideas and became a major way to spread viruses. The solution they chose was to downplay Macros and recommend that they be turned off.

To turn them back on try this...

+ Go to the "Tools" menu and Select "Options"
+ Select the "Security Tab"
+ Click the "Macro Security" button
+ Lower the level to "Medium", this should now ask you if you want to run a Macro.

That's how to do it in Office 2003, earlier versions should be similar, Office 2007 might be wildly different....

looneytune Mon 19-Oct-09 14:46:28

Oh, can I give you a virtual kiss grin Thank you SOOOOOO much, it worked!!! I have office 07 and it was in a different place but I saw it

Thanks again x

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