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Loading memory card photos onto my Amilo laptop. Where does it slot it?

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swanriver Mon 19-Oct-09 10:16:51

Have a memory card
Have a computer laptop
Computer has cddvd drawer but where would I find the memory card slot?

No, do not have a lead to connect camera to computer, if you are going to suggest that...

swanriver Mon 19-Oct-09 10:17:38

Slot in not it blush

MrsBadger Mon 19-Oct-09 10:46:50

it probably doesn;t have a memory card slot - very few computers do, esp laptops, unless you bought it specially

you need to buy either a memory card reader or a cable to connect camera to computer

BadgersPaws Mon 19-Oct-09 10:54:28

I think that new Amilo laptop's generally do, but they're some sort of combi-slot thing that accepts many different cards so might not look exactly how you would expect it to.

What model Amilo do you have?

swanriver Mon 19-Oct-09 11:26:36

it just says Amilo! (2007 edn? bought 2008)
think I'm going to search for that cable...

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