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Boring and simple, for you not for me, question about F*****ing Window Vista pleeeaseeee!

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DamonBradleylovesPippi Thu 15-Oct-09 10:37:27

We have a new computer with window Vista.

I cannot find anything in here.

Man problem. I put a cd in the drive and it won't open authomatically. This would not be so bad if I could find the drive and open it manually. I used to go to MY COMP and click and there it was.

I am trying to download the program to download picture from my mobile and cannot fnd the cd anywhere. Same if we put a music cd etc.

T very much IA

DamonBradleylovesPippi Thu 15-Oct-09 11:52:59


DamonBradleylovesPippi Thu 15-Oct-09 11:53:16

forgot ?

My computer file is under the start menu, and then computer on the right hand column.
Does that help?

nancy75 Thu 15-Oct-09 11:58:54

click on the windows icon bottom left, menu thingy comes up, on the right hand side of it you shouls have recent items, computer, network and something else, click on computer.

DamonBradleylovesPippi Thu 15-Oct-09 13:09:11

thank you but I did get that far. Once I am in computer thought there's no mention of the drive with whatever cd is in.

In computer there is a list of 2 hard drives one empty and one with some files in it but none is the one I am looking for. In the old window XP wasn't it under Removable Drive or smthing?

DamonBradleylovesPippi Thu 15-Oct-09 13:09:54

Sorry I didn't mean to sound ungrateful, was just typing super fast trying to avoid dd to turn comp off.

ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween Thu 15-Oct-09 13:11:00

Is there a line that says "devices with removable storage"

DamonBradleylovesPippi Thu 15-Oct-09 13:11:48

no there it seems. let me try again.

DamonBradleylovesPippi Thu 15-Oct-09 13:13:58

no when I clip on comp it gives me two hard disk : local disc D: local disk C:.

ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween Thu 15-Oct-09 13:14:49

I have "hard disks(2)" and "devices with removable storage (3)"

Also, on the left hand side, there's a regular file list which shows them under Desktop... computer

Indith Thu 15-Oct-09 13:16:29

When I open my computer I have a section with all my removabole storage drives so don't know where yours has got to! What might help though is that there is an icon in the control panel called auto play which you can use to make it go back to opening the disc automatically.

ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween Thu 15-Oct-09 13:17:38

I can't find anywhere that will make my removable drives disappear, other than unplugging them.

DamonBradleylovesPippi Thu 15-Oct-09 13:24:23

Indith Yes I did see that Auto play and thought that would make it work but doesn't.

It cannot be that it doesn't work as we installed norton antivirus and window by putting the cd in. But from what you are telling me it seems as it cannot find it.

(I am glad I wasn't as useless as I thought)

What next?

madrush Thu 15-Oct-09 13:32:19

I'd reboot (I know, it's the old answer) if your cd drive is part of a set of drives that you've accidentally stopped by clicking "safely remove" , it may not be accessible again until a reboot.

If not, dare I say it, a cable's loose inside?

DamonBradleylovesPippi Thu 15-Oct-09 13:37:38

madrush I will reboot although done it already. it is a laptop and the cd goes in through the little drawer (note my tech jargon grin)
Could it be that we did smthing?

DamonBradleylovesPippi Thu 15-Oct-09 19:00:51

nothing has changed. Calling all evening geeks around.

DamonBradleylovesPippi Thu 15-Oct-09 19:00:52

nothing has changed. Calling all evening geeks around.

WebDude Fri 16-Oct-09 16:07:43

Sorry to see you are having problems.

Sadly no suggestions this minute (I never made the switch to Vista, and told my support clients that if they did, they were "on their own"... only one made the switch, and does from time to time have problems {which I do assist with, when needed} but some quirks of Vista, like sulking when they got a new ADSL router, just made no sense whatsoever).

Am quitting 'support' next year, after too many "panic" calls at 11pm on Saturday and Sunday nights when people decide to do some work that is on a deadline, and have found a virus or other problem screwing up their machine... {sorry, not helping you one bit}.

What make and model is the laptop, please - just in case I can find some others who have seen this problem ?

Polgara2 Fri 16-Oct-09 16:24:22

Any luck? Does it actually say removable storage with nothing underneath or not say it at all? What about the list on the very left hand side of the computer box - are they not on there either?

DamonBradleylovesPippi Fri 16-Oct-09 20:06:39

I was just going to bump this for the evening ones awhen I so your posts and I am so delighted that someone takes an interest. Thank you. It feels to me the most boring issue but what can I do? Comp is less than a month old, is a Samsung NP-R519 WenDude.

Polgara2 no nothing. I am doing doing a serch with the word 'removable' in it. Lets see what happens.

WebDude may I ask you if I cannot resolve the problem who should I contact the shop, Samsung or windows. Forgive me for idiotic question blush.

DamonBradleylovesPippi Fri 16-Oct-09 20:07:43

Done the search and it says ' no item found' hmm

DamonBradleylovesPippi Fri 16-Oct-09 20:09:13

I loved windows XP sad. I did tell DH NOT to buy a new comp!! I was so happy with the old one ...

WebDude Fri 16-Oct-09 20:56:21

Not idiotic at all DB - AFAIK you start with the shop which sold it to you. I see pricings of 390 to 520 depending on the model, so not at the 'budget' end by any means. In he next week (Thurday 22nd to be precise) the latest version of Windows - "Windows 7" - will be released, so you could go back to the store before (and be fobbed off with another Vista PC) or wait, and try to play the 'this is useless, and not fit for purpose - rotten Vista' and see if you can get a 'replacement' that doesn't have "out of date" Vista on it!!

Fingers crossed for you!

nighbynight Fri 16-Oct-09 21:24:17

why not try the DOS box if you cant see the disk drive in explorer?

Go to Run, and type "cmd" and press return.
should open a command line box.
type cd d:\
if you get the dvd you are looking for, good.
if not, then try cd e:\

NB: Windows button + e opens explorer in Vista and XP.

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