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Does anyone know where I could download Picture It 9?

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Spagblog Sun 04-Oct-09 17:53:23

My dad has got himself a new computer and needs to reinstall all his software.

Only problem is that he can't find a disk with Picture It 9 on it.
Apparently he can't amend his photos without it hmm

I have googled it and it appears that it came with MS Works Suite.
He tells me that he doesn't have this disk and feels that it may have come pre-installed on his old computer.

Anyone help an old man stuck in his ways? grin I have offered him photoshop elements, but apparently Picture It is good enough for him.

BadgersPaws Sun 04-Oct-09 18:49:13

What happened to his old computer? He might be able to copy it off of it, some programs don't need to be properly installed.

Microsoft are offering a new program called Photo Gallery which might do the trick, have a look here:

Spagblog Sun 04-Oct-09 20:12:34

I think he has tried to copy it across and it hasn't worked.
I wondered whether because it was Microsoft it was protected from this???

I shall get him to look at Photo Gallery. He wants to be able to do "One click straightening"

BadgersPaws Sun 04-Oct-09 20:24:52

Window's programs are reasonably likely to do things during an install that means that a straight forward file copy often won't work, but it's worth a go.

Photo Gallery is, I believe, the replacement so you'd think and hope that it would be fairly easy to use.

WebDude Mon 05-Oct-09 00:18:11

Are you close enough to get copies of a few photos, or do you know the file extension (ie something like .jpg or .gif for other graphics files).

If you know what the extension is (and Windows by default hides the extensions in Windows Explorer) then other software might be able to open the files... in case there's no source for what you need...

Meanwhile I'll see if I have any MS Works CDs around here...

Spagblog Mon 05-Oct-09 08:19:06

I'm not quite sure what you are asking webdude LOL my dad always saves his pictures as .jpg though.

I have tried to show him how to crop and straighten his horizons in photoshop elements and he seems to understand it, but then forgets what I have told him and wants to use Picture it grin

WebDude Mon 05-Oct-09 11:22:30

OK, so as .jpg it's not a format which locks him into only using that software, rather ease of use of the Picture It! software.

It was just to see that he could still access/ modify the images, even if you were unable to find that specific software.

I just had visions of several years' work (perhaps he had an interest in steam trains, aircraft, butterflies, orchids, or whatever) being "lost" if he could never find a copy of Picture It! 9 again.

PlumBumMum Mon 05-Oct-09 11:26:03

Spagbol, I can't get picture it on to my new computer either and photo gallery is definitely not the same, I too am stuck in my ways

But it was great for making allsorts of stuff for the dcs

Spagblog Mon 05-Oct-09 19:32:17

LOL no lost images of steam trains grin

It is a pity that Photo gallery isn't they same PBmum

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