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Mini netbook recommendations

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triplets Thu 01-Oct-09 18:04:00

Hi my trios godmother has phoned today and wants to buy my trio one of these things each for Christmas/birthday. She has an Asus one from Car phone warehouse, they are still offering it for £159 it has good reviews. I have looked around and that seems to be the cheapest anyway, I don`t want her spending a fortune. Any recs?

vickiadele Thu 01-Oct-09 22:36:05

Advent are ok, dont please dont get one called a elonex, they are a similar price from car phone warehouse and are awful, my internet wont ever load on it smile

MrAnchovy Fri 02-Oct-09 00:01:35

I have a similar model: at 7" the screen is too small to be really useable.

I can't imagine what a child (what ages are yours?) would do with one.

RustyBear Fri 02-Oct-09 14:17:36

Some of the new Asus models have bigger screens - you may want to check whether the version she is looking at has Windows or Linux - Linux is actually better for a lot of things, but may not be the system your children are used to.

I'm IT manager at a junior school & we've been looking at Fizzbooks recently -several local schools are very enthusiastic about them.

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