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flippin' Ben10 mp3 - how do i install/work the thing? HELP! HELP!

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missingthemountains Wed 30-Sep-09 21:16:12

just bought this and trying to get it set up for DS1's birthday (so some urgency here!)

there's no instructions with it - it just says that the drivers are inside the mp3 player

so i've plugged it into the pc - and a little thingy pops up saying hardware not installed properly (but doesn't say why)

if i try and open the drive it just shows some random installation files

how do i get this sorted?
can i transfer tunes to it from my itunes account?


am nearly in tears with the poxy thing sad

BadgersPaws Wed 30-Sep-09 22:07:32

Who makes it?

What computer are you on? Windows XP?

What files are there when you open the drive? Is there anything called readme.txt, setup,exe or install.exe?

Once you get it working you should be able to get music from iTunes on to it.

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