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Moving itunes library to new computer - help please

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I've downlaoded itunes on the new computer nad switched on the home sharing thing.

On my old computer I've just upgraded to itunes version 9 and switched on home sharing. So not sure if it will do it automatically as I've just turned sharing on.

One guide I've read told me to click on import on the bottom right of my itunes screen - I can't find an import.

Another guide said to go into "preferences", tthen "sharing". So I did this but it said that the bonjour service was disabled and I had to enable it. Have no idea how to do this.

BadgersPaws Sun 27-Sep-09 00:53:33

You do need to physically move the music files from the old computer to the new computer.

First of all though "authorise" the new computer, this will enable it to play any content that is protected. If you don't have an iTunes account and have never bought anything from the store skip this bit. Go to iTunes on the new machine, then from the "store" menu select "authorise computer" and finally enter in your iTunes account details.

Now you need to move the music, for this you'll need an external disk drive or to be able to view files on your old computer from your new computer. Basically find where the music files are on your computer and copy them. If you need help with this then let me know what type of computer you've got and I should be able to help you out.

Then on the new computer drag all of those files into iTunes.

Finally if you had an iTunes account deauthorise the old computer. From the "Store" menu select "deauthorise computer".

And that should be that.

Albeit with a potentially very big hole in the middle of how to actually move files from one machine to the other...

Drayford Sun 27-Sep-09 01:35:41

LOL I've just spent 2 hours transferring my itunes library from my PC to my new macbook! I got the info on how to do it from the apple support site

Good luck

I just wish I could work out how to move my bookmarks from firefox on my PC to firefox on the Mac....

I've sorted it. I found some fab free software last night called "pod to pc" and it did it for me. Took ages though as the free version will only do 10 songs and then makes you wait a minute before doing the next 10. Was very simple though.


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