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anyone know of a decent but cheap to run wireless printer

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cutekids Sat 19-Sep-09 14:57:03


cutekids Sat 19-Sep-09 15:00:08


squashedfrogs Sat 19-Sep-09 15:09:51

I don't know I'm afraid but I'm interested to see if anyone else does as I'd like one smile

nymphadora Sat 19-Sep-09 15:11:50

Watching too!

serenity Sat 19-Sep-09 16:06:18

I have to say that the Kodak ones we tested via MN earlier this year were pretty good (and that honestly has nothing to do with the fact they gave me one!) I've got the Kodak ESP7 and it's pretty good - never had any problems printing wirelessly from my laptop, print quality is good, and although the cartridges are all-in-one (which I usually avoid) they're cheap enough that it doesn't matter.

Ponders Sat 19-Sep-09 16:14:34

Don't know if it's what you'd call cheap but there's an HP one recommended by Which at about £90 (it's an all-in-one)

HP Photosmart C6380

(I think it was only £80 a couple of weeks ago so look out for offers)

Pannacotta Sat 19-Sep-09 16:34:15

Am also looking but have no idea so cant recommend any sorry!
Where are the best places to look/buy?
Somne advice before buying woudl be good but I never know where is best...

cutekids Tue 22-Sep-09 10:14:15

just came back to this...have just ordered the c6380 after Ponders' recommendation.Have looked at a few different review sites and it does look promising....Fingers crossed!

cutekids Tue 22-Sep-09 10:15:49

Haven't bought a printer in years.Do they come with cartridges or do you usually have to buy seperately?

cutekids Tue 22-Sep-09 10:16:41

Pannacotta...I looked on the Comet website for's 89.99 if I remember rightly.

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