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Bought a new digital TV and even less channels than old one

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Hubby's gonna kill me. grin

I'm fed up 'cos the old anaolgue bedroom TV which we use a set top box with me has been getting worse and worse. Used to pick up channels but they're all going. Sky2 went last week so fina lstraw and I've been and spent £200 on a new TV.

Still don't have Sky 2, and can't even get ITV or channel 4. At least the old TV we could switch the set top box off and watch ITV on analogue.

Its wired into the main arial in the loft.

What can I do?

ClaraDeLaNoche Wed 16-Sep-09 12:30:17

Do you know if your aerial is digital or analogue? We had to get a new digital aerial as well as a new digital box.

Well we moved here 10 years ago and the aerial was already here so I'm guessing its analogue. Oh God, I need to buy a new aerial as well as a new car, a new laptop and a new bed this weekend. Can you see why hubby ain't going to be pleased with me for wasting money on something we didn't really need just so I can watch Bones in bed. grin

WebDude Wed 16-Sep-09 21:50:45

OK, so did you buy a TV with Freeview built-in, which should work in most areas, unless there's some conflict over the digital channels used in your area, and the aerial you have.

If you're in the north west (Cumbria) then digital switchover has taken place and only a Freeview TV will work, or a normal TV with a Freeview box.

There aren't really any differences between 'digital' and 'analogue' in respect of aerials, whatever the aerial installers say. However there have always been different aerials called B, C and E as far as I know.

The UHF channels go from the 20s to the top 60s, and some of the old games consoles and VCRs etc used channel 32 or 36 (so they didn't clash with broadcast TV stations).

Depending on the group of channels, some aerials will work better than others, and installers in your area would know which is best.

I live on the edge of Granada / Central / HTV areas in N Wales, and for Granada the channels used are from 50 to 68 (I think) (though currently I have no TV so it's not top of my list!) from Winter Hill.

The web has lots of information if you know where your signals are coming from (eg Winter Hill, The Wrekin, etc).

Once you know which channels are in use in your area, then it will become clearer as to which aerial is best.

Of course, if it has been moved a bit by the wind, then the signal might not be strong enough for a Freeview TV to work, or you haven't let it scan for channels long enough.

I just checked a couple of websites and see some charge near 50 quid for an aerial. I'd go for something between 20 and 30 if you actually need another aerial. It may not be the case, just a bit of care in setting up the new TV may cure any problems.

I've tried rescanning a few times and no change. It does have freeview built in. Our signal comes from Belmont so will have a look what channels we should be on. Thanks.

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