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Anyone got an Acer netbook - am I being thick and not able to understand how to get the wireless part to stay on or does it have a problem?

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IdrisTheDragon Sat 12-Sep-09 13:55:43

Just got an acer netbook . But when I try to switch on the wireless LAN at the front of the machine, it seems to not stay there unless I hold it there, which seems a bit pointless.

So is it me or it?

IdrisTheDragon Sat 12-Sep-09 14:02:50

Seems it was me blush. it is happy now

nannynick Sat 12-Sep-09 14:09:52

Haven't got one... but came across this on

there’s a power saving option on the wireless adapter that is turned to maximum by default. To turn it off, right click my computer > properties > hardware tab > device manager… then find your wireless adapter in the list under Network Adapters, right click > properties > advanced tab. Select Power Save Mode from the list on the left and select Off from the drop down on the right. Press OK and close device manager.

RustyBear Sun 13-Sep-09 13:13:51

I have an acer laptop at work & the wireless switch slides across to the right & then springs back & slides across again to switch off - confused me at first too - but actually mine wasn't working at first, so I had a complicated conversation with the tech guy on the phone with me saying 'the switch won't stay on' meaning the wireless wasn't working & him saying 'it's not meant to', thinking I meant the switch didn't stay to the right. Glad yours is sorted.

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