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Tell me how much you love your MacBook Pro!

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EyeballsintheSky Fri 11-Sep-09 11:56:34

My dad is buying me one for my birthday and I'm going to get it today. Yay, Im so excited! My poor old MacBook is on its last legs thanks to the input from dd over the last year hmm but now just when all was lost, the prospect of a shiny new aluminium Mac awaits.

Gimme some Mac porn while dd eats her lunch!

WebDude Fri 11-Sep-09 17:19:21

Lucky you!

A friend told me his wife suggested replacing his old MacBook with a new (OK, refurbed) MacBook Pro.

I've not seen him (or it) yet, but he was very pleased about the big HD, and Snow Leopard.

No idea which model he has - probably 15" (?) screen at a guess.

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