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At my wits end with Internet Explorer problems - pages not loading any more

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blithedance Fri 04-Sep-09 18:27:37

I don't think my computer is complicated. I have Windows XP, fully up to date, AVG Free anti virus, that's it.

Since Windows updated itself to IE8, I've had loads of problems with pages not loading, just getting halfway there and freezing. Compatibility view doesn't solve it, nor does deleting cookies, adjusting security settings, turning off firewalls. I am fed up with trying things and now can't access half the things I need to.

I have downloaded Firefox but that has exactly the same problems which makes me think it's an OS problem not a browser one?

The website is one example - what on earth can be blocking that?

CrapDad Fri 04-Sep-09 21:29:41

Do you get any error messages, or will pages just not load?

WebDude Fri 04-Sep-09 22:20:20

Not sure if installing the latest MS IE v8 after AVG may have caused a problem, but AVG has a facility called 'LinkScanner' (that checks websites your browser calls up, and sees if they are known for spyware etc). (It's also called 'Surf Shield' in AVG.)

Just a guess, but there's a chance the link scanner may not be working properly unless AVG installed again. If you turn it off (get AVG on screen and look at Tools menu, 'Advanced settings' then 'LinkScanner') and restart your browser, is there any difference ?

Sorry, clutching at straws this minute.

(I turned it off as my browser was running slow when I had 30-50 tabs open.)

WebDude Fri 04-Sep-09 22:23:37

Was going to add, is there anyone you know that can examine machine (eg via - free 'remote control' facility), which would let them check all the browser, AVG and 'Internet Options' settings ?

I'd happily try to assist (for free) but clearly letting a stranger onto your PC isn't necessarily the most comfortable thing for some people!

blithedance Sat 05-Sep-09 08:33:46

Webdude, thanks for getting back. I should think that some remote assistance would be very helpful, BT needed to do this when they set up our internet. (We are with BT business broadband so fingers crossed are not dealing with the muppets).

this morning when IE* booted up I let it walk me through the welcome screens and disabled all the Smartscreen setting setc. I think I already tried turning off Linkscanner and Surfshield.

One of the websites (a log-in one called Ravelry) is working now but not ELC for some reason. I don't want to buy anything but it's bugging me now.

WebDude Sat 05-Sep-09 18:51:48

Can understand the frustration if minimal change has left you partially internet-less!

Feel free to e-mail me at (don't worry, if spammers copy it then their junk will be gobbled by SpamGourmet) - it's a unique address, so can arrange time when convenient to check settings, and connect to your PC with LogMeIn. lets you register and use their service for free. You'll need to set a password (so use a temporary one, like "WebDude2009" perhaps, and change it to something only you'd know afterwards).

Happy to try to assist in case I can spot what's going wrong. Seems very odd that ELC doesn't work (went off there to see if I could spot anything odd but seemed a 'normal' web page to me).

Glad you have loaded Firefox, as there's an add-on which allows viewing of the dialogue with a web server - and I'm going to have to find the name for myself after a cup of tea, so will post later with the name (or take a mental note, because it needs to go into your FF too).

I have just set up a spare PC with Windows XP, and Firefox, to try to duplicate what's going on at your end. Just trying to get MS IE v8 onto it now. Installed AVG 8.5 yesterday, so it's in a similar-ish situation (though linking to the net via another PC which will make it a tiny bit different).

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