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Cracked screen on Sat Nav. Can anybody advise me?

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lifeswhatyoumakeit Wed 02-Sep-09 20:01:38

I bought a Sat Nav from Argos 3 weeks ago. It's a binatone 430, I don't know how but I broke the screen and now it's useless. And it's not covered by a guarantee.

I was wondering if anybody ever got a screen repaired on their Sat Nav and how much it cost?

MaryBS Thu 03-Sep-09 11:39:34

I would try contacting Binatone directly, stating that it broke far too easily in your opinion, and see if they'll fix it as a good will gesture. And if not, you'll find out how much it will cost

lifeswhatyoumakeit Fri 04-Sep-09 11:04:47

Thanks Mary BS. I had already sent an e-mail, but it failed to deliver. Now I found a different address (an M&S address funnily enough!), so I'll see what satisfaction I get there.

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