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Oh no! Changing my mobile sim, phone not playing!?!?

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Wonderstuff Tue 01-Sep-09 20:24:34

Changing from thieving vodafone to virgin, got my puk code, transfer today, changed over sim cards now phone is asking me for a restriction code, where do I get that? Vodafone, or Virgin, the phone is Nokia 6300.
Any clever bods who can help?

Wonderstuff Tue 01-Sep-09 20:40:18

Someone must know? Don't make me sit on the bloody hold music for hours only to have to call the other company sad

Wonderstuff Tue 01-Sep-09 21:04:23

last ditch bump

CrapDad Mon 07-Sep-09 19:49:25

I'd imagine you'll need to ring vodafone, as I assume that's where the phone came from. Alternatively, you can take it to a vodafone store and they'll unlock it if it's a contract phone, or if you've been PAYG for 6 months or more.

mumof2222222222222222boys Mon 07-Sep-09 20:01:15

Lots of market stalls or little independent electrical shops will do this for £5 or £10. Will say, "mobiles unlocked". I used an old mobile when I wanted to buy a French Pay as you go SIM. Much easier to do that than to do it through Vodaphone which was going to take a lot longer and cost £20.

WebDude Tue 08-Sep-09 06:39:28

FWIW I've bought a few unlocked phones on Ebay so I know I can put Asda and other SIMs in without a problem (Asda seems cheaper for my needs, charging 8p/min for voice and 4p per text, and credit runs on and on, not just for 30 days like some PAYG top-ups).

NotQuiteCockney Tue 08-Sep-09 07:12:52

Yeah, market stalls, internet cafes, that sort of thing, all do unlocking.

<looks it up>

There are websites that claim to be able to unlock it, for a fee. I've never used those, but if I lived in an area without gazillions of little electronics shops, I probably would give it a go ...

CrapDad Tue 08-Sep-09 11:48:40

If it's a vodafone contract phone, or a 6 month old PAYG one, vodafone now do it for free.

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