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Screen is suddenly displaying things sideways since toddler jumped on me/laptop...

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Sarimillie Mon 31-Aug-09 11:26:31

Any ideas? It clearly reset something,just not sure what!

AvadaKedavra Mon 31-Aug-09 11:34:56

ctrl alt arrow keys?

mellifluouscauliflower Mon 31-Aug-09 11:43:40

This is a right pain!

If you are using Windows XP, right click on the desktop, click on Graphics Options, Rotate and then "normal". Not easy as it sounds when your world is upside down..

MatthewBellamysMuse Mon 31-Aug-09 11:54:17

I had this recently. Took me ages to figure it out but it was the rotate function that needed to be corrected. Can't remember now where I found it but you could do a search.

Sarimillie Tue 01-Sep-09 05:27:32

Thanks everyone - really good to get the responses! Control, alt and up key worked - what a relief!

RustyBear Tue 01-Sep-09 18:51:54

To stop it happening again, right click on the desktop & choose Graphics Options - Hot Keys - Disable

WebDude Tue 01-Sep-09 22:39:15

Thanks for that - had never even seen Graphics Options - Hot Keys - before.

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