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Can someone with a Flickr Pro Account try something out for me? Mine is playing up...

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YanknCock Sun 30-Aug-09 15:05:51

So I'm trying to download a few of my original images. The help section suggests that there should be an option to download various sizes under the photo title, but it is not there! Pro account valid till next year, tried logging out and in again, tried in IE and Firefox. What the hell?

If someone could go look at one of their single photo pages and tell me if you have the option to download, I'd be most grateful! Have started a thread on flickr's forum too, but hoping to find out if this is just me or not fairly quickly.

YanknCock Sun 30-Aug-09 15:07:08

Oh FFS. Now it's back. I am sure the 'All sizes' button was not there five minutes ago. ARgggghg....

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