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I would like a phone for calls, texting and photos. No fancy apps needed. Any recommendations?

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BooBooChicken Thu 20-Aug-09 13:26:27

i have been looking at Nokia 6303 and Sony Ericsson C510, just as they are free with a £10 a month contract.

any thoughts?

Katz Thu 20-Aug-09 13:27:36

DH has just got a sony ericsson 303, which he is very happy with

BooBooChicken Thu 20-Aug-09 13:49:04

thanks katz, i'll have a look at that one. smile

anyone else?

BooBooChicken Thu 20-Aug-09 18:02:58


NetworkGuy Fri 21-Aug-09 12:24:51

May depend on the network you plan to use (or calls/text package) a little.

I'd also check on the memory cards that can be used - some are much cheaper than others. Have just seen an LG KC550 phone at a tenner/month on Virgin with a 5 megapixel camera and using micro SD (one of the most popular and cheapest, and can handle 4 GB micro SD cards, so room for lots of pix).

Though on checking a bit more, the Nokia has more internal memory, and a bit longer on talk time, and the FM radio has RDS (not that you care!)

So it could be looks (and whether you want bigger photos, better video) that makes a difference.

I usually check phones on GSM Arena for specifications (as I have seen mistakes on Carphone Warehouse / e2save / others in the past, particularly about memory and USB/ bluetooth).

Katz - I assume that's the T303 (slider phone) with the 1.3 megapixel camera (?)

BooBooChicken Fri 21-Aug-09 18:45:01

thanks network guy, i am edging towards the nokia on vodafone but i will check out gsm first smile

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