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Can I put the contents of a favourites folder in an e-mail?

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IwishIhadtimetoreadnewspapers Tue 18-Aug-09 11:38:12

I'm wanting to put the contents of a favourites folder from Internet explorer in an e-mail.

Does anyone know if this is possible, and how I can do it?

MrsBadger Tue 18-Aug-09 11:42:37

yes, you can export it as an html file

but I am at work on a Mac so can't tell you exactly how - if you go to Help-> export favourites it should tell you

IwishIhadtimetoreadnewspapers Tue 18-Aug-09 11:48:03

Thank you.

It sounds extemely technical for a bit of a technophobe like me - think I'll have a go when the kids are in bed later and I can concentrate properly!

Portofino Tue 18-Aug-09 11:48:50

Yes you can. Right click on the folder and it should have the option to Send To......

Is it a large folder?

Portofino Tue 18-Aug-09 11:55:43

Actually that used to work - but now does not appear to! You need to right click, add to compressed folder. This will save everything as .zip file. You can then right click again and Send To....

NetworkGuy Tue 18-Aug-09 15:17:10

It's better to send a ZIP as it should be smaller (and some mail services block other types of file).

However, as MrsBadger said, you can export as HTML (a web page format)

On MS Internet Explorer, in the FILE menu, click on "Import/Export"

Then use "Export Favorites"

You can then export everything (handy as a backup onto a USB stick so you can find some favourite bookmark when you have to be away from your main PC), or choose a folder within the list - I have one called "WebDesign" (though probably untouched for years as I don't use MSIE very often)

When you have decided what to 'export' and click next, you can choose where to store the exported file - default is in "My Documents" but obviously you could save in some other directory (I often use C:\Internet for everything off the net) or a different drive (like a USB Stick or memory card).

The default name is "bookmark.htm" which is fine if you want to send on to someone (or you might call it "<yourname>-bookmarks.html" so it won't clash with an existing 'bookmark.htm' they might have saved.

I make a backup of my bookmarks every couple of months, so name mine with YYMM in the name - eg bookmark-FF-0908.html (for 2009/08 FireFox bookmarks, as I use FF, Netscape and Opera browsers)

IwishIhadtimetoreadnewspapers Tue 18-Aug-09 20:40:41

Thank you very much.

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