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any help and advice appreciated......disk drive on laptop

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bonkerz Sun 16-Aug-09 12:45:34

bit of a long one cos i need to explain the background a bit. Im just after advice really and if anyone has had the same issue!

i purchased a laptop off tesco last year...OCT 08....its a fujitsu siemens 2727.
About 3 months ago i noticed the disk drive wasnt playing cds etc and i checked in COMPUTER section on laptop but it was not listed as hardware.
i rang TTS (tesco tech support) who did a microsoft fix thing and my disk drive reappeared for about 20 mins. I rang TTS again who said i needed to do a full system restore as it sounded like a software error and if i sent it to be repaired to fujitsu they would charge for software error to be fixed but not hardware error IYSWIM.
Anyway.....i eventually got round to doing the full system restore yesterday and my disk drive reinstalled itself......fab i though and started ripping music onto laptop.....was half way through second CD and windows media player announced i needed a cd rom drive in order to play cds! my disk drive has AGAIN disappeared off my computer!

I rang TTS for a third time and they had a nose about my laptop (very technical but they log in and take over!) the tech guy said he couldnt find my drive and checked the BIOS etc and it was not there. He told me it could be a software issue but that he had tried everything and expolained it needed to be fixed via fujitsu as its still in warrenty.
he also said i had to ring fujitsu on monday explain whats happened then they would collect for fixing BUT if it is not a hardware issue (loose connection) then i will be charged for fixing of software problem.

this is where my problem/dilemma is really.

My laptop is less than a year old. i do not want to pay to get it fixed. I have done all i can including a full factory restore which meant all my saved stuff is now gone on my laptop. SURELY tesco should just replace or pay any charge to get it fixed????????
can i insist on a replacement??? can i insist tesco pay for fixing laptop?????

thanks if you have held out this long and are following my story!

prism Sun 16-Aug-09 16:05:15

Yes, it's Tesco who sold it to you and they can't palm off the responsibility to you just because they can't sort it out. If anyone pays Fujitsu it should be them. As they have told you to contact Fujitsu they can hardly make out that you're doing that simply because you aren't willing to sort out the software. I suggest that you contact or prepare to contact the Which? legal helpline, who will sort Tesco out if they try to avoid their responsibilities.

bonkerz Sun 16-Aug-09 16:45:15

have spoken to tech support today and told them i will not ring fujitsu and they have agreed to ring them tomorrow for me and sort it all out.

Babybots Tue 18-Aug-09 10:49:59


You shouldnt need to talk to fujitsu at all.

I had a similar problem with a fujitsu laptop I bought from Staples (although mine was a software issue as it wouldnt write cd's from itunes), it sounds like a loose connection between the drive and the motherboard. You should take back to the tesco store and ask them to replace or repair within a reasonable amount of time, they will try and tell you to contact the manufacturer but under sale of goods act your contract is with the retailer and not manufacturer. You could also go along the lines of not fit for purpose etc which is what I did.

I got an exchange which was an upgrade plus £30 of vouchers because I complained to their head office about shockingly poor service.

Hope they sort it for you soon!!

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