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MSN - A few questions...

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MumLil Sun 16-Aug-09 01:42:19

Never used msn til the other day and now addicted but I dont like not knowing how certain things generally suspicious of all things techy grin

So - can my contacts see my contact list?
And - does it show my contacts that I am in conversation, eg - if i'm having a conversation with A, can B see that from my status/ availability or anything?


MumLil Sun 16-Aug-09 01:58:27


MrAnchovy Sun 16-Aug-09 02:07:08



Bedtime for geeks was 3 hours ago wink

MumLil Sun 16-Aug-09 02:18:16


No way! Surely all good geeks are pottering about til the wee hours untangling wires or such...?

Thank you!

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