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best for backup - sd card or flash drive?

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Lusi Mon 03-Aug-09 17:11:41

My computer died a death and had to have the whole operating system reinstalled..

Due to my stupidity I nearly lost all my photos...told the computer shop I didn't need any files saved - I'd recently done a back up (polished halo!) ....and then remebered (sometime back!) I'd stopped backing up the photo folder cos it was so big that it wouldn't fit on a CD (was going to save them on a spare SD card ...and forgot...durrr)...after I cried on the phone blush they did manage to recover most of my photos...
(am also going to copy the photos to disc as well)
So now am thinking of backing up everything at once straight to something with a big memory (8gb+). Using two to alternate...

I already have a card reader/writer which would be the best storage device...Sd card or usb flash drive? And why?

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