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iphone battery question

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snickersnack Mon 27-Jul-09 15:06:50

My new iphone was fully charged this morning. I had a radio app running for 10 mins, then listened to music for 20 minutes on the tube. I’ve made one call, sent 4 texts and used the web for around 10 minutes. That’s it. The battery monitor app I downloaded is showing the charge is 45%, which tallies with the battery icon in the top right hand corner.

Does that sound right? I know it uses a lot of battery power, but that seems crazy. Is it worth getting it checked out or should I just accept that I’m not going to be able to go more than a few hours without recharging it.

suwoo Mon 27-Jul-09 15:15:18

I don't use mine much bar texting but I do use solitaire a lot! It is always on 20% by the end of the day.

word Mon 27-Jul-09 15:35:10

I think it's known for needing quite a bit of recharging, snickersnack. I charge mine daily if I'm surfing on it quite a bit.

RustyBear Mon 27-Jul-09 15:36:04

There are a few things you can do to stop it running down so fast.
First of all, turn down the screen brightness to a level which is still comfortable - I have mine just under halfway & it's fine.
Secondly, turn off anything you don't use eg turn off the 3G if you're not using it - (Settings-General-Network -Enable 3G network Off)- this is one of the worst things for draining the battery.
Also you can turn off Bluetooth if you don't use that & Location Services - it doesn't take long to turn it back on if you need it.
Also you can turn off push data unless you really need your emails & other data constantly updated- you can set it to check every 15, 30 or 60 minutes instead.

I used to have to charge my phone every day, now it's only every two or three - unless I've been playing Stone Loops too much...

snickersnack Thu 30-Jul-09 22:16:28

Thank you RustyBear, that's very helpful. I had changed Bluetooth and Location Services but hadn't thought about the other things...and it turns out dh had fiddled with the sleep settings so it wasn't going to sleep at all (which was probably the root cause!). I think I'll just invest in a charger for the office as well, and not get carried away playing Supermarket Sweep if I'm going to be away from desk for long...

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