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Can anyone advise on a dumb mobile phone question

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DuffyMoon Thu 23-Jul-09 10:22:19

If I buy a pay as you go mobile on the orange network and I already have an orange sim card from another phone, can I just swap them - the new phone won't need cracking or anything .....

MerlinsBeard Thu 23-Jul-09 10:24:52

yep you can just put your orange sim in it

random Thu 23-Jul-09 10:25:43

If old sim card is a payg you can just swap them

NellieTheEllie Thu 23-Jul-09 10:26:51


DuffyMoon Thu 23-Jul-09 12:32:40

sorry - am dumber than I thought - its an orange montly sim going into a orange PAYG phone

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