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Macbook air or Macbook pro?

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GorgeousMumOfTwo Wed 22-Jul-09 00:50:03

Hi! I'm a student and a mother to two toddlers. So which Macbook should i go for? Air or Pro?

Pruneurs Wed 22-Jul-09 01:02:10

If you are lugging it about a lot, the Air is v light.
No dvd/cd drive though

SofiaAmes Wed 22-Jul-09 02:53:07

I'm partial to the macbook because you get much more for your money. The airbook is kind of overpriced for what you get. The few ounces or pounds (or whatever it is) difference in weight is probably insignificant to what one of your toddlers weigh. But the £1000 price tag difference won't be.
The other thing is to look at used macbooks which are still under a year old (that way you can get applecare on them). By the way, don't buy applecare from apple, you can get it for a fraction of the price on ebay (they are legitimate, i check it out with apple). Also, you can get (at least here in the usa) older generation, but unused (excess stock) macbooks on amazon for really good prices. Here in the usa you don't pay tax on them. The discount was more than the student discount from apple.

GorgeousMumOfTwo Thu 23-Jul-09 01:12:31

Thanks alot for the info and advice SofiaAmes. Actually i'm planning to buy from the USA. My sister's goin there in a bit so planning to give her the money to get it for me. Please cud u post a link to the macbook you're talking about? And whats applecare? I'm a very new convert to Apple grin.


GorgeousMumOfTwo Thu 23-Jul-09 04:12:39


SofiaAmes Thu 23-Jul-09 17:20:20

Ok, will get all the info and post for you. I'm in la, so time difference may cause a little delay, but i wont' forget. It will be substantially cheaper in the usa. Make sure that your sister leaves ALL the packaging behind (except software disks) AND posts the receipt separately. Otherwise she'll get stopped by the uk customs. Laptop needs to appear used.

SofiaAmes Thu 23-Jul-09 19:57:51

Ok. Here is a link to a price comparison website. This is a link to the Current Models' prices (this is just macbook pro's, but they have other models too). This is a link to Leftover Models' prices (which is what I got). Depending on where you sister will be, the sales tax (VAT) equivalent can vary quite a bit (like in europe, but you don't really know about it until you get to the register). California is a lot, New Jersey is nothing. But if she will be somewhere for a few days so something can be shipped to her, you can order it on amazon and pay no sales tax.

Applecare is a warranty which is handy to have on a laptop (they tend to get dropped). Apple sells it for $349. You can get a "surplus" one on ebay for $175. And I'm pretty sure you can buy that from the uk...they just email you the number. If you are going to get Applecare it needs to be purchased within the first year, so you have a little time to decide.

singleWhiteMale Thu 23-Jul-09 21:18:24

If you're a student you might qualify for educational pricing. You also get 3 years' free applecare. Are you in FE/HE?

GorgeousMumOfTwo Thu 23-Jul-09 23:36:09

Ok i'm a bit confused... when you say
"I'm partial to the macbook because you get much more for your money", are you talking about the Macbook pro, or the white 13" Macbook?

SofiaAmes Fri 24-Jul-09 01:52:55

Macbook pro over the airbook. But you really need to make a list of exactly what you intend to be doing on this laptop. Are you studying something art/graphics related where you will be using those types of applications on your laptop? (big screen vs. little screen)
Are you doing just humanities and therefore mostly just doing word processing, internet and email? (power and speed of computer)
Will you be traveling a lot, or just going back and forth to school? (size of computer)
Are you likely to drop your laptop? (price and durability of computer)
Are your kids at least 3 years off from wanting to use a computer? (laptop or desktop or both)
Is being flashy important to you. (airbook vs. macbook)

Depending on all your answers, you may want anything from an airbook to a macbook.
For example, I have a 15" macbook pro because I am an architect. My dh has a 12" macbook because he is a geology student who doesn't take care of his computer. My kids (6 and 8) have a 24" imac because it is immobile and I need to have a large screen available if I do work at home (all my drafting is done on the computer).

SofiaAmes Fri 24-Jul-09 01:58:42

You need to double check the uk student prices vs. the us regular prices. I think that even with the 3 years free applecare and the discount, it may be cheaper in the usa. But if it;s not cheaper, probably less hassle to get it in the uk. You will NOT be able to get the us student discount with a uk student id.

Earlybird Fri 24-Jul-09 02:27:43

I'm also considering an Apple (probably an Imac) for my next computer. I've been advised that the other item to get is Microsoft Office Student and Teacher edition. They will probably try and sell you the Apple equivalent of Microsoft Office called iWork, but I have been told to stick with Microsoft. It is $149 btw.

Good to see you posting Sofia. Haven't seen your name in a long time. How is life treating you?

SofiaAmes Fri 24-Jul-09 02:48:18

yes, agree with earlybird..I forgot to mention that.

I'm doing well, other than being home with a fever at the moment. I don't think it's swineflu though.

I haven't been posting too much because so much of what is said seems to be repetitive. And quite a bit doesn't seem applicable to the usa.

But i do check in most days to see what mothers (and a few dads) in the uk are saying.

We're having a heatwave here at the moment and as I lie in bed sweating to death between the fever and the 90 degree temperature, I can hear dh playing in the swimming pool with ds and dd.....could be worse....I could be in England in bed with a fever listening to the kids whining because they can't go out because it's too cold and dark and the supermarket is closed because it's after 8pm so dh can't go and get me matzo ball soup.

Earlybird Fri 24-Jul-09 02:59:30


Sorry you're unwell. It is no fun having a fever in a heatwave!

I haven't been around or posting much either. US Time zones make it harder to 'participate' in Mnet, and stay connected with online 'mates'. Also agree about the repetitiveness. So much has been covered many times before (and dare I say it, often better), so find myself less and less drawn here. Also sheer volume of threads and numbers of new names make it very hard to keep up. But, there is usually something interesting, and it is always good to see familiar names.

We're due to visit the UK next week (for 3 weeks), and am really looking forward to it. Always fascinating to compare UK/US, and reaffirm choices of where to live.

Is your dh due to join you permanently soon? Hope your dc are doing well. DD has completely lost her British accent, and now seems American born and bred.

SofiaAmes Fri 24-Jul-09 03:32:55

Dh is with us for the summer. Poor thing...I have oodles of construction projects for him to do!

How long has it been since you went to the uk. I'm sure it's a shock when you get there. I forget, are you in Nashville? My dd's best friend moved there about a year ago and she keeps asking about going to visit.

It's so sad when they lose their accents, isn't it. Though dd still says an occasional word here and there with a british accent. And of course dh teaches them all sorts of mangled northeast (he's from Hartlepool) phrases.

SofiaAmes Fri 24-Jul-09 03:37:30

oh, by the way, earlybird, definitely go with the imac. I got mine used on craigslist. It was about 11 months old, so I could still purchase applecare on it. Both kids use it a lot. Ds (going into 4th grade) did most of his homework on it last year. And even dd (6 and going into 2nd) looks up stuff on google all the time. (It's a great solution for a child who never stops asking questions.) Ds can format a Word document better than most adults! And he's taught himself how to touchtype. And of course they are allowed a few (not a lot) computer games. And ds has figured out how to go to various websites that have free online games. I've ordered up both their domain names and gotten them a Skype address so they can call me at work or my parents or daddy in the uk all on their own.

GorgeousMumOfTwo Sun 26-Jul-09 06:42:02


I am doing just humanities and therefore mostly just doing word processing, internet and email.

I'm just going back and forth to school. Not much travelling.

"Are you likely to drop your laptop?" No!

Being flashy is not what's most important but i like nice things wink.

Sofia you're an architect? Wow i love architects! I respect you. My friend's an architect and i know how hectic it can be.

SofiaAmes Sun 26-Jul-09 07:52:38

Thanks. I like being an architect but it is pathetically poorly paid considering we have the same amount of education and licensing exams as a doctor or lawyer.

Anyway, from what you are describing, I would say that a simple $999 macbook would do you, as long as you are happy size-wise with the 13" (they don't come any bigger).

GorgeousMumOfTwo Sun 26-Jul-09 17:29:24

I shall be going for the 15" Macbook pro because the 13" won't do. I like bigger screens.
Thanks alot you all!

And Sofia, when i'm ready to build my house i'll just holler at ya! ;) . And I'll pay well. Honest. grin

SofiaAmes Sun 26-Jul-09 18:39:05

I'm with you on the bigger screen! Looking forward to the day you build your house.

singleWhiteMale Thu 30-Jul-09 15:23:37

If you're in further education the base price for a macbook pro 15" is £1143.10. There's also a promotion on iPods at the moment where you could add an iPod Touch to your order (for £165) and get a rebate of £145. Put the iPod on eBay and you should make at least £100 profit.

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