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A (probably impossible to answer) car question..........

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FruitynNutty Wed 15-Jul-09 20:38:41

I'm looking for:

3 proper seat belts in the back
Cheap on insurance/petrol
Around £1000
Good size boot

There must be something out there for me?!

LightShinesInTheDarkness Wed 15-Jul-09 22:07:35

You can get 3-point belts fitted to any car which has a central seat belt, I think. We only had a lap strap in the back of our Citroen C3 but had it changed to a 3-point.

Love our car by the way, meets all your criteria, but doubt you will get one at £1000.

cookielove Wed 15-Jul-09 22:08:33

do you want it brand new?

FruitynNutty Wed 15-Jul-09 22:17:08

God no, not brand new for £1000!
Preferably not much older than 8 years.

Lightshines - Do you remember how much it cost to fit a 3-point belt?

Might have a look on Ebay for citroen C3......

AnybodyHomeMcFly Wed 15-Jul-09 22:21:46

Citroën xantias are old but good, you could prob get one for £1k and then convert the lap strap

hermionegrangerat34 Wed 15-Jul-09 22:29:55

A note of caution - I was told I couldn't convert the lap strap on my 306 - it had to have had a factory fitted mounting point, which it hasn't , apparently. So we're having to buy a new car...
Ones we're looking at (we want a big estate) are the VW Passat, Skoda Octavia, Citroen C5. At 2-3 years old these are in the 8K bracket, the C5 and Octavia obviously cheaper than the passat, but haven;t looked at older prices.

squashedfrogs Wed 15-Jul-09 22:30:07

In terms of reliability, Toyota always seem to be good and often have good bootspace. Newer versions of the Corolla have three proper seatbelts in the back but I don't know about older models.

I don't know if you'll find one to meet all your criteria but it might be worth having a look around to see if any fit the requirements.

LightShinesInTheDarkness Wed 15-Jul-09 22:35:41

I am happy to stand corrected about changing the lap straps to proper seat belts, so its worth checking out first in that case.

It was about £150 to swap ours, but we may have got a discount because we had it done by the garage from whom we bought the car, before we took it away iyswim

Snorbs Wed 15-Jul-09 23:05:13

I think Ford Mondeos have three proper belts in the back, although that may only be Ghia models and higher. £1000 might just be possible, too, for one of the earlier ones. They're a classic rep-mobile but part of the reason for that is because they could take some serious mileages while still being spacious and comfortable. They were also much better than the Vauxhall Vectra.

A VW Passat would also be a good choice although you may struggle for that money as they tend to hold their value. As HG@34 says, the Skoda Octavia is a good alternative to the Passat (most of the mechanical bits are the identical; it's the quality of the trim and the toys that's different). You'll often see Octavias being used as minicabs which, again, wouldn't happen unless they were cheap to run and reliable. Just don't buy one that's actually been used as a minicab.

navyeyelasH Wed 15-Jul-09 23:09:17

What about a multipla?

FruitynNutty Wed 15-Jul-09 23:20:13

ooh no, not keen on the multipla.
Ford Mondeo's are ok. Trouble is have a car snob as a husband. He doesn't seem to realise we can't afford a cool car - I need practicality not looks! I want a car to get me and the children safely from A - B. Bloody men angry

Metatron Wed 15-Jul-09 23:22:56

diesel volvo v40 maybe? they go on forever...

MadEyeballsMoody Wed 15-Jul-09 23:25:08

Ford Focus. Was forced to give mine up after 8 years recently and I never had one minute's trouble with it. Loved it to bits, nice big boot and economical. I rue the day I let it go

FruitynNutty Wed 15-Jul-09 23:34:37

I'd love a Ford Focus but can't find one cheap enough

sb6699 Wed 15-Jul-09 23:37:12

I have a 51 plate Mondeo Zetec - okay its not fancy but its all colour coded and looks fab when its been waxed.

Not too expensive in insurance/petrol and was only £1400 at auction. Has done a fair few miles but drives like a new car.

DH has a Volvo V40 diesel estate. Again pretty economical and has done loads of miles with no trouble. Hes a bit of a car snob too but Volvos have a really good reputation. Can cost a fair bit to repair though nothing has gone with ours yet.

Both have really good boot space and fit my 3 dcs with no bother but neither has 3 point middle seat belt.

Snorbs Wed 15-Jul-09 23:40:05

FruitynNutty, er, I'm a "bloody man".

And I won't mention the double-standards about you instantly refusing the Multipla but then accusing your DH of being a car snob... wink

FruitynNutty Wed 15-Jul-09 23:45:11

Liking the Volvo idea. Just going to check insurance price......

FruitynNutty Wed 15-Jul-09 23:47:27

hahaha, sorry Snorbs blush I meant Bloody Man wink
about the multipla - yeah I know but gotta draw the line somewhere!

sb6699 Wed 15-Jul-09 23:49:02

Btw, my Mondeo is more expensive to insure than the Volvo which is worth about 4 times more!

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