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Why has my mouse gone mad? (No, this shouldn't be in the pet section)

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springlamb Sun 12-Jul-09 10:03:06

All of a sudden my PC doesn't seem to recognise my mouse. The pointer just freezes on the screen. Have tried it in another USB socket and have tried a different mouse in the original socket and the other socket. The same thing happens.

Any suggestions before I lose it and go crazy with a rolling pin on these mice.

thumbwitch Mon 13-Jul-09 01:09:14

although this may be many hours too late and your mice may well be in smithereens by now, have you tried re-installing the driver for the mouse?

Have you had any accidents with your PC? Spillage, droppage, childage, overheating - that kind of thing?

onagar Mon 13-Jul-09 15:05:05

also if it's the kind of mouse that has a ball under it then it might need cleaning. I stopped using those because I was forever taking the ball out to remove the fluff.

springlamb Mon 13-Jul-09 17:45:25

Thank you both. Fiddled about most of yesterday with no luck. Couldn't get back to Mumsnet which was more upsetting than not being able to get onto Sage and do some work!

Have changed USB mouse to PS/2 mouse which has solved the prob.

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