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Buying a new TV: what to look for?

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ibbydibby Wed 08-Jul-09 10:59:40

We have an old(ish) v heavy, v awkwardly shaped TV/video player combo, and as our aerial seems to have been playing up as well just recently, have decided it is time for new TV and sorting out of aerial.

So am v.confused about the wide range on show in the Argos catalogue. We're not after a huge wall-mountable affair, just a standard TV set. Presumably all new TV sets are ready for switch-over to digital so won't need to worry about digi-box also?

Sorry if this sounds confused. But I just don't where to start, or what I want. Can anyone help please?


onagar Wed 08-Jul-09 11:16:28

I only recently threw out my old TV and it was a nightmare picking one. I had no idea where to start.

I got an LCD flatscreen one and not one of those plasma things and it turned out right for me.

They will all have digital tuners so will pick up the new channels as well as the standard analog ones.

If your old TV wasn't widescreen you probably want to measure the height of the old screen and pick a new one that's the same height. That way it's bigger when you watch widescreen films but no smaller when you watch an old square TV show.

They will have sockets at the back for just about everything, but if you want to buy a blu-ray player to then ask careful questions because I think some are less compatatable than others.

Mine wasn't even a particularly good one, but was so much better than the old one I wished I'd replaced it sooner.

VickyA Wed 08-Jul-09 12:08:19

We've just bought this one from Amazon - Toshiba, 32" - not the hugest screen you can get but my PIL have bought one too for their lounge and it's very clear. Amazon have some good prices on these at the mo - and it's another £7 for guaranteed delivery before 12 on the next working day (or the next - you know before you order).

You say you're going to get your aerial sorted out too - I think most, if not all new TVs have built in Freeview now - you can check that you're in a Freeview area here but if you've got a whopping great tree next to your house (like us sad) then you'll be stuck with freesat, and will need a box for that when analogue switches off.

Finally, VCRs are hard to find now apparently - Argos stock a few, otherwise it's ebay.

Good luck!

brightwell Wed 08-Jul-09 21:26:14

I chose a panansonic digital flatscreen, one that can be switched off on the set, my Aunt has a samsung & the only way to turn it off so that there's no standby light is to unplug it.

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