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Ocado app on the iPhone - has anyone tried it?

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RustyBear Tue 07-Jul-09 09:29:07

I've just noticed that the AppStore now has an app for online Ocado ordering - I've never done online shopping before as I live about 300 yards from a big Tesco, but I must admit I'm tempted by the thought of just wandering round my kitchen, iPhone in hand, checking what I need & ordering it straight away...

Has anyone tried it yet & is it any good?

CountessDracula Tue 07-Jul-09 09:29:42

ooh no i must though

CountessDracula Tue 07-Jul-09 09:30:10

Did you know a spotify app is under development?
That will be truly fantastic!

RustyBear Tue 07-Jul-09 09:32:33

Hmm, if I get that, I will have to keep it secret from DD, or I'll never see my iPhone.... grin

Hulababy Tue 07-Jul-09 09:38:11

Oooh, I want an iPhone next time!!!

(Have a Blackberry and it just isn't as much fun)

CountessDracula Tue 07-Jul-09 09:38:43

i hav just downloaded the ocado one

LadyMuck Tue 07-Jul-09 09:44:53

So have I. Seems to have good reviews.

CountessDracula Wed 08-Jul-09 10:24:58

I tried to use it today but it wouldn't let me book a slot, said there was a problem with the checkout hmm

LadyMuck Wed 08-Jul-09 13:23:19

I didn't make it as far as checkout as I was stuck because my shopping list was also on my iPhone.

LupusinaLlamasuit Wed 08-Jul-09 13:24:19

Oh do give us full details of how the Ocado app works please... it will help my decision about iPhone vs wait for the Palm Pre grin

EyeballsintheSky Wed 08-Jul-09 13:26:03

Downloading now. Ooh how exciting. Tesco better pull their socks up and sort out an App or they'll lose me

PartOfTheHumphreysGroup Wed 08-Jul-09 20:29:10

i just downloaded it and it inspired me to put in an order :-)
I actually found it easier to use than the normal website.
There was a bit of an issue with checkout - it kept saying minimum order had to be more than %@, but I came out of app and back in and it worked then. v cool :-)

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