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Why has my Samsung LCD got bright pink and blue squiggles running through the picture?

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FruitynNutty Mon 06-Jul-09 21:11:21

This just started happening yesterday.
Please don't tell me this is the end! sad

braveandcrazy Mon 06-Jul-09 21:22:01

How old is it? Our LG LCD died after about 5 years and was told that was about normal, they just don't last that long.

We're back to a tiny portable at the mo sad

FruitynNutty Mon 06-Jul-09 21:48:05

2 and a half years old.
5 years! That's nothing shock

FruitynNutty Wed 08-Jul-09 14:03:15

there must be someone who knows what's wrong, has no one else experienced the same thing?

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