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MNing on my new BlackBerry

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flowerybeanbag Mon 06-Jul-09 19:40:45

So I have a lovely new BlackBerry, so I can MN check my work emails while bathing DS out and about.

All the emailing is working marvellously thanks to DH, however, even more crucially, I am having a problem with MN on it. I can get on and read stuff all fine, but in a thread, the name of the person who posted something is missing. So I can read a thread fine, with all the posts, but I have no idea who posted what.

Does anyone else have this? Is it how it should be? Can I do anything?

MrAnchovy Tue 07-Jul-09 00:45:58

Strange, try using 'Customise' to change to the 'sober workplace' theme.

flowerybeanbag Tue 07-Jul-09 10:54:05

Hi MrAnchovy, thanks for response. That does seem to have worked. It wouldn't let me customise while on my blackberry, but having done it on my laptop then logged in on the blackberry, I can now see posters' names.

Pain though, I'm not keen on the workplace mode!

thanks again

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