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Which iphone appliactions do you use?

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flatcapandpearls Fri 03-Jul-09 23:12:45

Have read the other iphone thread and have realised there is much more to my iphone that I am using.

So which applications do you use and why?

giddykipper Fri 03-Jul-09 23:14:23

Peggle - most addictive game ever
That's about it, apart from the obvious mail and safari

RustyBear Sat 04-Jul-09 18:33:16

Current obsession is Stone loops, also love Fuoshiki, numba,wurdle & Solebon card games.
National Rail app is very useful, as is the 'Missing Manual' - some good tips on saving battery power.

Tioti TV is very good, I will be able to use it to record remotely on my sky+ when the bloody sky site actually overcomes its technical problems & allows me to register my mobile number...

I also have several PG Wodehouse books & the complete works of Jane Austen

RustyBear Sat 04-Jul-09 18:33:59

* Futoshiki

FlappyTheBat Sat 04-Jul-09 18:39:00

blush as addicted to them, currently using, although have more on iPhone,

Paid - mobile allowance, weather pro, camera bag, colorsplash, flight track, night stand, radio times, sunrise, tube deluxe, wunder radio, airport mania, ancient frog, chicktionary, actually have too many games/apps to list!!

Free, favourite app of the moment is a toss up between Wimbledon or Shazam.

Have 5 pages full of apps on my iPhone and use a lot of them.

Wonder if there will ever be a Mumsnet appgrin?

suwoo Sat 04-Jul-09 18:40:22

Solitaire. continuously

flatcapandpearls Sat 04-Jul-09 23:36:20

I have winder radio but can't here anything, do you need headphones.

Dp keeps saying to me "is there not a mumsnet application"

What is phutoshiki.

Tioto tv sounds useful.

RustyBear Sat 04-Jul-09 23:39:26

Futoshiki is a bit like sudoku, in that you have rows & columns with one of each number in each row/column, but you have to take note of the > & < signs as well to work out where the numbers go.

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