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Why does Firefox no longer remember which pages I was last on

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SuperBunny Sun 28-Jun-09 19:40:32

before I shut it down?

Previously, when I started it up the following day, it'd ask if I wanted it to open the pages I had been on when I shut it down but now it doesn't.

Is this a problem with the new version? Or could it be an add on (FoxyTunes) that is interferring?

How can I make it remember again? That was one of the things I liked about FF and now I'm tempted to use google chrome instead.

MrVibrating Mon 29-Jun-09 00:18:36

Tools->Options->Main->Startup - when Firefox Starts - Show my windows and tabs from last time.

SuperBunny Mon 29-Jun-09 02:26:20

Hooray! Thank you

I did actually spend quite a lot of time looking for that option before I posted on here because I was sure it would be there but I couldn't see it, despite it being right in front of me hmm blush

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