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Virus help – please!

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4gotoindia Sun 28-Jun-09 09:42:22

Okay, bear with me - here is the situation. To cut a long story short – I need an easy to download (and free) virus checker asap. Any recommendations?

The full story is that I’m in India working, we have 2 laptops. We have had a whole series of virus problems (despite having Kaspersky) and internet explorer no longer works on either of our computers. My dh’s computer has Mozilla, and we’re able to get online on his.
One problem we had is that we couldn’t update our virus checker – fairly major as we have real problems with them. I got work to send me out the Kaspersky disk – but they sent out an old version (6.0) – which (according to the Kaspersky website) it is no longer possible to update from. I’ve just spent hours trying, and am pulling my hair out. I think I need to upgrade to a later version, but it seems so complicated, and I’m getting desperate. I need something quick and easy!!!

Internet connection is VERY slow - which is why it needs to be quick and easy!

Second question – can I download Mozilla from his computer, and put it onto mine? If so, how do I do this?

I am so ignorant of computers, but so dependent on them. I hate it!
thanks anyone who can help!

4gotoindia Sun 28-Jun-09 10:46:26

ok - I'm answering my own question. After reading recommendations here, I'm downloading AVG for free. Looks like it'll take about 3 hour, as our internet is so sloooow. Fingers crossed.
Think I'll post sep'y about Mozilla...

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