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Anyone got a Tocco Ultra edition? or Tocco lite?

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PerfectPrefect Sun 21-Jun-09 16:28:47

Are they any good?

I liek the loo of these but am unsure if I will get on with the touchscreen (so have the backup of the numberpad).

But is the ultra a waste of time if I don't surf the web with it and just use it as a phone. Well what i actually mean is stick it in my bag and leave it there until it needs charging...

PerfectPrefect Mon 22-Jun-09 18:00:00


PerfectPrefect Tue 23-Jun-09 18:22:59

someone must have a Tocco....

babyicebean Tue 23-Jun-09 18:27:03

I have the Tocco.I just use it as a phone as well, its the only one I could upgrade to that had no keypad as youngest bratski ate the keypad on the last one.

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