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Do you have a V+ or Sky+ box? Is it worth it?

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MrsMerryHenry Wed 17-Jun-09 16:11:30

Am wondering whether to upgrade my crumbly old (but functioning) ntl (remember them?) box.

What's the '+' bit good for?

meep Wed 17-Jun-09 16:15:11

I have V+

Can record programmes by the series. Can buy movies. Can watch tv I've missed on Catch Up TV (loads of c-beebies favourites on there if you need to keep the small people amused grin)

Best feature is that you can pause a progamme you're watching, say if the phone rings/baby cries etc, then just unpause it and watch from where you left off.

If you like your tv it is definitely worth it!

madrose Wed 17-Jun-09 16:15:30

we have sky + and too be honest and a bit sad we would be lost without it. We can record what we want and watch it when we want to. We have charlie and lola on series link so DD can watch it whenever. We can pause it to go and make a sandwich etc. We have found it so useful DH can record the football while I watch Holby.

There is a next one up - my friend has it, but we're cool with the +.


Itsjustafleshwound Wed 17-Jun-09 16:17:38

The '+' bit is the video recorder bit and allows you to record TV programmes and pause live TV. You can also set the recorder up to record series so you don't miss programmes

DH and I have a Sky+ box (I think there are always deals to get them cheaply) , but Sky aren't the only providers...

I am pleased to have it - the joy of not missing things and having a few saved things for the kids when it is raining or it is 'suicide hour'..

MummyDoIt Wed 17-Jun-09 16:17:39

I have Sky + and love it. I love being able to pause live TV and the series link is brilliant. It records a whole series for you which is great for someone like me who forgets when things are on. Definitely worth it.

holdingittogether Wed 17-Jun-09 16:18:14

Yes it is worth it I think. Dh wanted it but i was really not bothered. Being able to pause things is really useful and being able to records stuff is so easy. If a program is about to start for example and we are not quite ready to watch it e.g want to put LO to bed first or want to amke a snack or cuppa or whatever then you just pause it and watch it when you are ready! If one of the dcs call out in the evening when you are watching something again you can just pause it and deal with them without missing anything. I think it's great and we don't watch that much telly really.

moaningminnie2020 Wed 17-Jun-09 16:19:17

i have sky+ and im in love with it. Sounds mad but it's recording things - could record things with a VCR but never bothered, can tape a whole series so easily and if you are up with a baby in the night its nice to watch something you like instead of infomercials. I watched all of CSI with DD as she never slept til 12months.

And you can watch half a program, press record, and when you come to watch it the whole of the show is taped...I would REALLY miss it if we couldnt get it any more.

VinegarTits Wed 17-Jun-09 16:20:52

You can get freeview + boxes now for around £80, so no subscription charges or monthly bills

I am going to cancel my sky subscription and get a freeview + box as imo sky is a waste of money, and most of the channels i watch are on freeview anyway

princessmel Wed 17-Jun-09 16:21:51

We have V+ and imo it's worth it. Dh tapes all of his King of Queens on it!

Ds tapes what he wants grin. He knows how to use it.

I tape things I think the dc's will like, or if there's something I want to see and think I'll forget. Or I the tape whole series.

It's great for pausing too. If I'm still sorting the dc's and EE is just about to start I pause it till I'm ready!

Or if ds wants the loo, while he's watching tv, he pauses it and then doesn't rush.

MrsMerryHenry Wed 17-Jun-09 16:23:01

I now realise that despite working in the 'creative industries' I am such a technosaur. I don't have an ipod. PVRs on TV have been around for donkey's years but I've never tried one. You guys have been brilliant, thanks for bringing me into the 21st century.

Particular thanks to:

holdingit - oooh, never thought of using the pause function that way, smart cookie!

minnie - great point! We want another DC soon, what else am I going to do while I'm up in the night!

That's it. I'm convinced.

Sunshinemummy Wed 17-Jun-09 16:28:56

Yes love it. I have two and we use them all the time.

NetworkNanniesSurrey Wed 17-Jun-09 22:25:32

Once you have Sky+ you will never want to go back to old tv again.

You can have every episode of In the Night Garden at your fingertips....hmm

If you decide to upgrade make sure you get someone to recommend you to get your free M&S vouchers!

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