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My phone is so old and has just stopped working - recs for a new one please ? zzzzzzzz

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hobbgoblin Tue 16-Jun-09 10:40:27

Boring I know, sorry.

Would prefer pay monthly and I think I've sorted tariff options so is really just phone advice I need.

Would you say iphones are worth it? Have been looking at Blackberry Storm smartphone.

I want good camera/vid plus internet capability.

I would use apps on the iphone if useful but if gimmmicky then not fussed. Would like to be able to transfer itunes library but not eseential.

I have been coping with a phone of the historic variety and although this is fine I may as well make the most of new technology available as I am not phobic and WOULD use it. However, it has to be functional not just pretty/cool.


hobbgoblin Tue 16-Jun-09 11:39:59

Have items in basket and am hovering over delete button... next day delivery if I order soon

gerontius Sat 20-Jun-09 18:34:39

get an's cool AND functional!
However, if you're going to be doing lots of business things then get a blackberry.

RustyBear Sat 20-Jun-09 18:43:17

I love my iPhone, though the camera's not exceptional - but the new IPhone 3GS has a better one, with video. There's a massive variety of apps, some functional, some fun, some frankly silly.

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