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Curse you Amazon!

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ButtercupWafflehead Mon 15-Jun-09 11:48:29

Okay so this morning I bought DH a present on amazon and now on the homepage, it says "people who bought ...... may also be interested in..." i.e. giving the game away.

SO I have deleted all cookies, temp. internet files etc and eventually our complete browsing history....

and it STILL greets me with the same thing.


Any suggestions? I might write to their customer services and rant a bit!

littlelamb Mon 15-Jun-09 11:50:01

Log out of the amazon account.

frasersmummy Mon 15-Jun-09 11:51:53

you must be logged in for it to pick up the information

click logout

MaryBS Mon 15-Jun-09 11:52:59

You can delete stuff by going into "view or edit your browsing history"

MaryBS Mon 15-Jun-09 11:54:31

You can also go into "Recommended for you" and tick "not interested", and that removes stuff too

ButtercupWafflehead Mon 15-Jun-09 11:55:14

All good, thanks for the tips!

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