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wireless network for Mac and pc Help

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onegiantleap Thu 11-Jun-09 09:48:21

Possibly a dim question, but I'm going to stick my neck out anyway;

I have recently got a new computer, a Mac, and Talk talk sent me a new wireless router and ethernet cable. Previously I was using a wired modem to my pc laptop.

So, I managed to get the internet access working with the Mac, but now we would like to hook up the pc to the wireless as well, is this possible? I believe the laptop is wireless enabled, but I never used it like this, or do I have to buy a card for it?

And how do I add it to the network?

Any help gratefully received, I'm a novice in computerland,

Assuming that the PC is a fairly standard desktop it probably won't have wireless built in so you would need to add a wireless adapter to connect wirelessly.

Frankly a wired connection is almost always better anyway. Do you really need wireless for the PC?

onegiantleap Thu 11-Jun-09 11:17:47

the pc is the laptop and the mac is desk top,
I could only make the mac connection by completely unplugging the pc. does that make sense?

VinegarTits Thu 11-Jun-09 11:22:31

If the laptop is wireless enabled then you just need to search for avaliable wireless connections and then connect to yours, there should be a wireless icon at the bottom right of your desktop to enable you to switch on your wireless, or it may be a function key you need to press, depending on what laptop you have

What make is it?

onegiantleap Thu 11-Jun-09 21:48:04

Ok thanks vinegar, Its done! now we are a fully functioning 21st Century family!

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