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How do I put a border around some text in powerpoint please?

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MaggieW Sun 31-May-09 11:54:53

I'm a P'Point virgin so help needed. I just need to put a border around some text I've written. How do I do it please? TIA.

RustyBear Sun 31-May-09 14:23:26

You can format the text box to give it a border, or a different colour background. Click on the edge of the box to select it & choose format from the menu. In PPt 2007 it will come up with all the various options on the ribbon, on PPt 2003 you get a drop down menu & you need to choose Format Placeholder to get the options box.

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 31-May-09 14:25:13

Have you just written text or have you written in a text box?

RustyBear Sun 31-May-09 15:26:58

I'm not sure you can put text into Powerpoint except into a formattable box/shape/placeholder.

MaggieW Sun 31-May-09 16:49:32

I've put text in a text box.

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 31-May-09 16:57:54

I meant text as in where you just type words on the chart, as opposed to opening a text box and typing in there!

If you've opened a text box, you should have a menu of icons - one will show the letter A, this is for the colour of the font, one will show a paint can, this is to colour inside the box, and one will be some lines - this is to put a line around the text box.

If you double click the text box you will get more options, e.g. the thickness of the line around the box

RustyBear Sun 31-May-09 17:06:26

Yes, but 'the chart' is what I meant by a formattable placeholder - you can put a text box inside it, but it's really a modified text box in itself.

MaggieW Sun 31-May-09 20:51:15

Thanks RB and BIWI - that did the trick and it now looks great.

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 31-May-09 22:05:39

Good! Glad about that.

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