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Talk to me about BlackBerries and iPhones and the like please!

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MinnieMummy Fri 29-May-09 13:53:17

I am considering getting something along the lines of a Blackberry or iPhone, basically something where I can properly and efficiently check my email while I'm out and about (I work freelance and have missed the odd job because I haven't been able to check my emails until too late).

How do they work?? I had a quick look at the vodafone website and I think all of the blackberries said surfing the net was free but then one said it had wifi - so why would you need this?

Anyone recommend one type over another? I feel like a total techno neophyte on this subject, thanks!

zebramama Fri 29-May-09 15:16:49

Blackberry's have "Push email".
This means that a copy of your email is sent to your phone as well as sitting on your POP3/IMAP server waiting to be downloaded onto your PC.

You can read the text of the emails, but HTML looks terrible.
You can view attachments such as images & pdfs.
You can reply and delete (either from the phone or from the server).

NB When you delete emails from the server they are still there in the Trash folder. Some companies include Trash towards the server limit and don;t empty it automatically after x number of days, so you may need to log on to webmail and empty your trash or face losing emails because senders get a "Server full" message.

WiFi enabled Blackberries means that you can use an existing internet connection rather than using your mobile connection's data service.
On my "Orange" Blackberry Pearl I have found it nearly impossible to connect to public WiFi hotspots in airports, but can connect to my home network.
Once connected to my home WiFi, I cannot see any significant speed improvement over the "Orange" connection so I turned it off to help battery life.
My Orange contract includes unlimited data so this is not a problem.

Surfing is OK, especially if you have very few expectations on speed and as long as you can get a good GPRS signal.
Download Opera Mini as a separate browser for the Blackberry - much better than the Blackberry default.

The Blackberry camera is rubbish and you can't get many decent games for it! May not be a big concern for you though.

Beyond that I know very little about the iPhone other than it seems rather pricey and looks rather swish!
It can probably do a lot more than the Blackberry but I don't know whether it does email better - I have heard some people complain about the touch screen keyboard.

My wife loves her Blackberry Curve for emailing (full qwerty keyboard), and I get on fine with the 1/2 qwerty on the Pearl.

MinnieMummy Sat 30-May-09 15:33:39

Thanks zebra, that does help clear it up - think I am getting to grips with what the technologies are and what they can do now!

Popped into Carphone Warehouse today and managed a full two minutes before DS started to grumble, the Curve does look lovely.

Not worried about games tbh, the only tempting thing about the iPhone is that I could then use it as an iPod as well!

thanks again

saultanpepper Sun 31-May-09 15:58:44

i have one of each - BB Bold for work, and an iphone for personal

the Bold is great for work - does email really well, and it syncs with my outlook contacts and calendar as well so is properly useful. I think the iPhone does that as well but not sure.

Bold keyboard knocks spots off the iPhone kb - although I do have hands like pig's tits and therefore being delicate with the iphone is maybe not something I should comment on blush

iphone media capabilities are second to none, camera is OK, and the App Store is brilliant.

both connect to WiFi fine at home and out and about.

If i had to choose one over the other I'd have the iPhone.



Meglet Sun 31-May-09 16:05:02

I have a blackberry and all my 'personal' e-mail comes to my phone, I can do my banking on it too. It saves having to get the lap top out if I only want to check a couple of bits. The camera isn't very good and I don't have any games on it (hardly a great loss), but for day to day organisation I love it.

And I can MN from the loo where the dc's don't disturb me grin.

Quattrocento Sun 31-May-09 16:09:41

I have a blackberry and DD has an iPhone.

It depends what you want it for, tbh. I adore my blackberry as it is fantastic for work. I can just clear all my work related emails on a train trip, no problem.

DD's iPhone is undoubtedly sexier and can do lots MORE things but I think it does most of these things quite badly. The email works okay but it is nowhere near as quick and efficient as a blackberry IMO.

alibubbles Sun 31-May-09 16:19:18

I have a blackberry curve and an iphone> I prefer the blackberry, as saultanpepper says, it's not easy to text in an iPhone with fingers like ours, unless you are a kid, then yu can do it with your eyes closed.

The iPhone is faster, DS and I were in the car together, on our phones, trying to find a restaurant, he was there and glass in hand, before my blackberry found the place!

MinnieMummy Fri 05-Jun-09 13:30:08

Thanks for everyone's advice - my ipod gave up the ghost yesterday so I bit the bullet and have gone for the iPhone! Very excited.

I'm sure I will soon be posting another thread entitled 'So, which iPhone apps are actually worth it then?' or similar...

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