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How do I free up disc space on my laptop

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I need to install a media creator on my laptop but I'm out of disc space and it says I need to delete other stuff to make room. I'm sure I must have loads of crap that I o longer use but where do I go to find the list of stuff and start deleting? Thanks.

ShannaraTiger Mon 11-May-09 10:25:23

Try doing disk clean-up / defrag.

AMumInScotland Mon 11-May-09 10:28:22

Have you emptied the Recycle bin? Stuff you've deleted stays in there until you empty it, and is still taking up just as much space.

Images and music files often take up a lot of space too - look in My Computer then My Music and My Pictures and see what's there that you don't care about any more.

Also, go into the Internet Explorer settings and have it remove temporary files.

No, I've never emptied the recycle bin in 4 years. blush Thanks, its busy deleting now, think it may take a while.

Still not enough. It says it needs 4090458.04kb, but I only have 3399680.0kb available. That sounds like it needs an awful lot of space doesn't it? I don't think deleting a few photos is going to be enough?

bruxeur Mon 11-May-09 10:40:06

Photos are a huge storage drain, you'd be surprised.

What on earth are you installing btw? You realise you're not going to be able to create much media if you can only just squeeze the app on?

How big's your hard drive?

Its Roxio Creator as I want to change avi video files into mpeg files so I can actually play them on my DVD player rather than having to watch on my laptop. I have no idea what size the hard drive is.

bruxeur Mon 11-May-09 11:14:03

My Computer > Drive C

Bottom left should tell you how big hard drive is and how much is free.

Will also be able to see what's on your drive, how much space it's taking up etc.

If you have a lot of video, that's even greedier than photos obviously. Delete what you don't want any more..

If you want to keep all of it, easiest thing to do is buy an external hard drive for long-term media storage, move all your video across and then install the media creator to your hard drive.

SoupDragon Mon 11-May-09 11:19:31

I ran CCleaner on mine (MNer recommendation a while ago IIRC) and it got rid of an embarrassing amount Over 1gb blush

SoupDragon Mon 11-May-09 11:20:15

Your temporary Internet Files can amount to a fair chunk of space.

onagar Mon 11-May-09 12:39:46

ignore this if you mean portable dvd player.

if you mean you want to play AVIs on your Television using a standard DVD player then you might be interested to know that most new DVD players can just play them as AVI files without any conversion (They look better that way and you can put perhaps a dozen on one blank DVD)

If your DVD player does not play them (it has to say DIVX on it somewhere) then it might be worth buying a new DVD player as they are pretty cheap now.

Thats good to know, thanks. I may look at upgrading the dvd player as that would be very useful.

Do you need special discs? I've tried to copy my .avi film onto a blan DVD and it won't copy.

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