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Satellite dish that can get French/German programs as well as English ones

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Racingsnake Sun 22-Mar-09 07:55:38

Hi. This is a follow on from my question about analogue switch off. A satellite dish seems a good idea, but it has occrred to me that I have heard that you can get satellites to get European TV, which would be great for us.

Doe anyone know anything about this?

Rolf Thu 25-Jun-09 17:44:06

I found this thread when I was looking for an answer to the same question!

There is a satellite excitingly named Hotbird which apparently is the one to look at. We've just got a dish angled to the Hotbird satellite and DH spent a merry weekend sifting through a million channels (including a rather lingering stay at Arab Girls) trying to find European ones that were suitable for the family. I don't think he got very far but has been referred to a man in the attic of a satellite shop who has the information he needs. I'll post when we've made some progress.

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