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Dodgy internet access ... but only from one puta...

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TigersEnglandChick Tue 03-Mar-09 10:32:17

Can anyone help with a rather confusing problem regarding our internet access?

We've had on/off internet access from our pc for quite a while now; we try to log on and it comes up with a message saying 'Could not log on to server. Please check your connection before trying again.' We always put it down to living fairly remotely and having a dodgy external connection (part of the wire was replaced recently as it had been shot by someone who mis-took it for a pheasant hmm)

However, we have recently got a laptop which connects thru the same home hub and we have no problems what so ever in getting online.

I've checked that the wire from the hub to the back of the pc is firmly plugged in and I've restarted the computer and the hub. I'm on the laptop atm but the pc is also connected, for now ...

Any advice very gratefully received smile

homicidalmatriach Tue 03-Mar-09 21:09:51

Try reinstalling the browser with an updated version on the problem PC - sometimes older browsers don't have the correct connection software.

TheButterflyEffect Tue 03-Mar-09 21:19:56

Message withdrawn

TigersEnglandChick Wed 04-Mar-09 08:25:39

Wow - thanks for your suggestions ...

homicidalmatriach - I'll try reinstalling the software I've got; it's the most up-to-date version but I'll give it a go.

thebutterflyeffct - I have no idea! We're with BTYahoo ...

What's really weird, and what makes me think it's the pc and not the server, is that we can get online no problem at all on the laptop.

homicidalmatriach Wed 04-Mar-09 22:02:35

In that case you have a static IP and it is the same on laptop and PC so that's not the issue. Suggest your networking card on the PC may be a bit erm fucked. Happens. If you can work round the problem do so, if not, you could replace the card or you could just wait for the computer to die totally and replace it.

But before you write it off, check where the wire goes in for fluff, grease and cables chewed by critters (of the child/pet or vermin kind), a surprising number of connectivity problems are caused by someone damaging the cable or the connection point.

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