Why does an Internet Explorer Security Alert box (Adobe Flash Player) keep popping up every few seconds?? ARGHHHH!

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NorbertDentressangle Wed 04-Feb-09 21:30:28

Box popping up every few seconds at times. It says:

"A website wants to open web content using this program" and then lists it as Adobe Flash Player.

No matter whether you click allow/don't allow/never show me this box again it still reappears.

Not sure if its connected but we had no TalkTalk Phone line or internet connection earlier today.

Please help (in simple terms please as I'm not entirely IT literate wink) before I chuck this %$£&!^ lap- out of the window

NorbertDentressangle Wed 04-Feb-09 21:45:56


NorbertDentressangle Thu 05-Feb-09 09:25:06

pathetic bump

(theres no school today as we're snowed in -I can't survive a day at home with a laptop that keeps doing this!)

CandleQueen Thu 05-Feb-09 09:29:58

No idea. But i'll bump again!

Could you shut it down and restart it?

CherryChoc Thu 05-Feb-09 11:12:56

I think it is probably an advert on the page setting it off.

Have you tried running a virus scan?

CherryChoc Thu 05-Feb-09 11:15:55

Oh or the simple solution - download Firefox ;)

NorbertDentressangle Thu 05-Feb-09 13:42:27

Have tried:

-shutting down and resarting -no joy

-virus scan -no joy

-it does it as soon as you click on Internet Explorere so doesn't appear to be linked to any particular site/ad

-tried installing Adobe Flash Player /uninstalling it -no joy

the box still pops up twice for virtually every page I click on

Lionstar Thu 05-Feb-09 13:47:54

Maybe try some of the ideas here

Or [[http://www.windowsvistaplace.com/vista-how-to-reset-ie-security-warning-a-website-wants-to-open-we b-content-using-this-program-on-your-computer-to-default/othersoftware/ here] (if using Vista)

Lionstar Thu 05-Feb-09 13:48:18

last link

NorbertDentressangle Thu 05-Feb-09 16:14:34

thanks lionstar -I'll take a look at that later (or more than likely get DP to take a look )

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