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Stupid q alert! Do I need to get separate anti vrus downloads for

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LoveMyLapTop Sat 31-Jan-09 16:47:29

my pc adn my alptop.
Have AVg installed on PC which needs renewing
and the free Norton Anti Virus that was installed on my laptop is due to run out.
Can I not get one for both?
Dont know how it all works. They are on the same network if that helps.

TheInnocentBystander Sat 31-Jan-09 16:52:58

I have a laptop and PC on the same network and have separate protection for both as it is the machine you are protecting. So, yes you do!

onager Sat 31-Jan-09 17:03:27

But you can get AVG Free and install it on both.

AVG Free

LoveMyLapTop Sat 31-Jan-09 23:07:49

have downloaded AVG onto my laptop, but already have the free one on my pC so will nedd to upgrade on there I think?

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 31-Jan-09 23:09:23

You can put AVG Free on both machines. Don't forget a decent firewall

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