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I cant get DD's laptop out of safe mode

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stoppinattwo Fri 23-Jan-09 17:37:15

thats it basically...any clues

I have shut it down properly and restarted it but it just remains in safe mode

she is not please hmm

PuzzleRocks Fri 23-Jan-09 18:28:06

Bumping for you.

CarGirl Fri 23-Jan-09 18:29:04

Have you tried holding down the power button for absolutely ages??

I've had this probem a few times.

onager Fri 23-Jan-09 18:52:23

To get the Menu up to select Safe Mode, Boot Normally etc press F8 while booting. (You may find you have to keep tapping it fast rather then holding it down)

If it still insists on safe mode then it must have a fault.

One of the Menu options will be "Use Last Known Good Configuration" which might sort it out. Otherwise post more details. How did this begin?

onager Fri 23-Jan-09 19:02:55

Some stuff about Safe Mode

stoppinattwo Fri 23-Jan-09 19:36:16

thankyou onager...sorry went for a soak in the bath....was tempted to put the laptop in with me angry wink

stoppinattwo Sat 31-Jan-09 20:42:14

ok so it wasnt on safe was just that the screen was grosely overscaled!!!!!

thankyou to Nemo's DP grin

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