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Anyone know anything about ipods? Please help :(

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mindalina Sat 10-Jan-09 10:26:36

DS the demon child has just dunked mine in the bath. Is there any hope for it? Am gutted

mrspnut Sat 10-Jan-09 10:28:03

Put it in the airing cupboard for a few days to dry out without switching it on and it may be ok.

If you switch it on it's more likely to short circuit and be damaged permanently.

mindalina Sat 10-Jan-09 10:30:50

There is a little puddle under the screen, does that matter?

This doesn't sound good, does it?

mrspnut Sat 10-Jan-09 10:31:37

It may dry out in a few days.

herbietea Sat 10-Jan-09 10:33:02

Message withdrawn

mindalina Sat 10-Jan-09 10:37:00

A jar of rice eh? Sounds odd but I'll try anything.

Have been sobbing for last half an hour - pathetic I know (possibly PMT) but am truly truly gutted. Can't replace it as skint and can't bear the idea of walking to work without it.

mysterymoniker Sat 10-Jan-09 10:56:43

I wouldn't apply heat to it - as in airing cupboard or radiator - the jar of rice sounds good

fingers crossed for you

mindalina Sat 10-Jan-09 11:13:29

Oh bugger, s'been in the airing cupboard for half an hour now :S

I guess I should just assume the worst and be grateful in the unlikely event it does survive. Thanks for your tips though

smartiejake Sat 10-Jan-09 11:29:32

Rice works a treat . My DD dropped her phone in a glass of coke in the summer which was so sticky (and not working ) that as a last resort we decided to wash it and leave to dry. The screen was distorted and water could be seen inside it

2 weeks of rice and airing cupboard treatment and it sprang back to life and is still working now!

harleyd Sat 10-Jan-09 11:32:31

my first ipod died from falling in the bath
you might be lucky tho

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